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My Blackberry Is Not Working!
News -My blackberry is not working.
-What, did it run out of juice?
-No, no, it's completely frozen!
Russian hackers used a network of Microsoft
BugsFor the past three weeks URLs entering the network belonging to Microsoft, have been used for routing traffic to more than 1000 phishing sites operated by known Russian hacker group. According to leaked, 1025 unique websites as,, and others were used for illegal trade in medical products such as Viagra, steroids, growth hormones and other chemicals. Behind the trade in these "agents" stood in the network known Canadian Health & Care Mall, operated by Russian hackers.
Skype and "Unlimited Europe"
NewsExtremely biased attitude towards their Bulgarian consumers demonstrated leadership of a popular program for communication Skype, the online edition informs Since the beginning of this month they will be able to take advantage of the "Unlimited Europe", as Bulgaria is simply not on the list of countries that offer it.
Apple - date for Mac OS X "Lion"?
SoftwareCompany Apple has sent invitation to the press range in the U.S., scheduled for October 20. The headline reads "Back to Mac". Expected her to be presented a new version of the operating system.
An invulnerable computer virus
BugsFrom Matousec said they discovered a dangerous virus, able to penetrate into every computer running Windows XP. The worst is that malicious software can not be stopped by any antivirus software because it uses vulnerabilities in the core operating system itself. From there comes the name of the virus - KHOBE (Kernel Hook Bypassing Engine).
The Windows XP era ended
NewsSupport of Windows XP SP2 package updates is history. The development of this historic operating system is stopped and new versions of products will be tested for compatibility with Windows XP. However, safety upgrades will be available by 2014, Microsoft has recommended for all users who use Windows XP as soon as possible to install third Service pack. As for 64-bit Windows XP does not offer SP3 will support systems with SP2.
New MSI Video card
HardwareMSI present its new factory overclocked GeForce GT 430 video card, which will be known as N430GT-MD1GD3/OC/LP. Video card core using GF108, Military grade components, low profile design and cooling system with two fans.
HardwareThe company Hitachi has released a new family of high-speed hard disk drives Ultrastar C10K600, for use in servers and corporate computer systems.


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