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Welcome to WebBridge
      WebBridge is IT specialized Team of international companies. We offer comprehensive range of IT maintenance and component level repairs for personal and business computers, laptops, Apple computers (PowerMac, iMac, MacBook ,MacBook Pro and MacBook Air). As well as computers aid we provide game consoles support.

     WebBridge Team's high level services are available at USA and Europe. Our main office is located in Denver, Colorado, USA ; partners' offices in Santa Clarita, California, USA; London, UK; Provence, France; and Varna, Bulgaria.

The Pirate Bay
NewsThe biggest torrent site in the world has recovered from DDoS attack that was launched against him and now the main question is who is responsible for it. World Wide Web is flooded with claims of individuals who try to grab credit. None of them, however, has not provided credible evidence.
iPhone 4S
BugsApple company respond to the plaintiff, who accused the corporation entering into conscious consumers through misleading ads iPhone 4S? In particular, Frank Faccio not satisfied with the possibilities of the virtual assistant Siri. Apple's lawyers argued that it is a text version of the service.
HardwareIn Chinese commercial network was recently launched mini-computer named AllWinner, which in size and appearance similar to Flash memory and runs Android OS. The model largely resembles the computer Raspberry Pi, which also runs a platform based on Linux and sells for $ 35.
Hacker group Anonymous
SecurityHacker group Anonymous for some time is not reminded myself but it seems that its members have not stopped working hard. One of the leaders of the group claims that hackers have all the secrets of the United States and is only a matter of time to start putting them through various channels for data transfer, said Gizmodo.
NewsU.S. senators have launched an initiative to expel from the U.S. to one of the founders of Facebook, who gave up his U.S. citizenship in order to save tax revenues that are expected after the initial offering of shares that the social network begins today.
SecurityThe company Avira Software, creator of the popular antivirus program, has released an update for its products that are already defined as catastrophic.
Windows 8
WindowsIf you really need to change your computer and cannot wait until the release of Windows 8, we have good news for you. Microsoft has received generous and decided to offer a cheap upgrade to new version of the operating system to individual users.


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